Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bad habits

asher: mama! come here.
me: no, bud. i'm gonna stand right here. you lay down and try to go to sleep.
asher: mama, come lay down right here...on pillow.
me: i need you to try to go to sleep.
asher: mama, i need you, mama.
me: buuuuud...
asher: wanna hold you. need to see mama's belly.

when we first moved to wake forest, we transitioned asher from his crib to a twin size bed. he was only one and a half and he had just made a big move, so to help make it easier on him, we would lay down beside him until he fell asleep. and now he thinks he can't go to sleep without one of us in the bed with him. it's a tough habit to break. i tried to start last night, but as soon as he said "i need you," i caved. i jumped right in the bed with that stinker.

another bad (and really odd) habit that asher has is rubbing my belly. this started when i was pregnant and my belly was huge and my belly button stuck out. asher thought it was funny to rub it. i thought that would stop once baby nate got here, you know, normal belly complete with normal belly button wouldn't be quite so appealing, but i was wrong. it's become a security blanket to asher. he rubs my belly when he's sitting beside me on the couch. he needs to rub it to settle down at bed time. he even tries to lift up my shirt and rub it in the store. i've considered investing in some bare-midrift shirts to make it a little easier for him, but decided that's not really my style. heh.

the point of all of this is to say that i have no idea how to break either of these habits. especially when he just neeeeeeeds them. shewf.

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