Saturday, February 12, 2011

movie night fail

i had a free $5 voucher to rent a movie from so i thought in honor of valentine's day the husb and i would enjoy a romantic comedy together while eating homemade chocolate chip cookies. i searched through our options while he was putting asher to bed and came up with about 5 choices. i decided since i was going to make him watch a chick flick that the least i could do was let him help pick it out. let me just say that my top 2 choices were mama mia (which was vetoed immediately. i tried to convince him that pierce brosnan was really 007 on a secret mission that just happened to involve singing and dancing, but he didn't buy it. sad.) and letters to juliet (which lasted about 2 seconds longer than mama mia). we decided on the movie definitely, maybe, thinking that since it had ryan reynolds that it would be funny enough for bryan and sweet enough for me. it was neither. it was crap. i was disappointed at about every scene. here's the convo after it was over-
me: i'm sorry i made you watch a crappy movie, husb.
bry: it's ok. i mean, i didn't pick it out. 
me: um, it wasn't my first choice. we should've watched letters to juliet. i heard it was really cute. maybe we can watch it next time.
bry: or maybe we could watch something with more blood and guts next time.
me: or more hearts and kisses???
*we both laughed at that, by the way.
bry: don't you know the best way to a man's heart, wifey? 
me: how?
bry: straight through the rib cage!!!! BLOOD AND GUTS!!!! yeahhhhhh!
me: ...that was stupid.
bry: yeah, it was. i'm sorry for that.

oh well, they can't all be delightful (like i bet mama mia would've been). the cookies, on the other hand, were delicious.

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