Thursday, February 17, 2011

the stinker strikes again

it's nice outside so to let a little breeze in the house, i decided to use our screen door that leads to the patio. asher just discovered how to slide the screen open. and by "discovered" i mean he was pushing on it and it slid open, allowing him to topple out onto the patio. and here's our conversation following that incident-

asher: what happened, mama??!!
me: you fell out, goofball. come back in and close the door.
asher: *giggles and does a little "i'm outside, but i'm not supposed to be" dance
me: asher, it's too breezy out there for you to be running around in just your shirt and diaper (he doesn't like to wear pants.)
asher: what, mama?
me: you heard what i said.
asher: whaaat, mama? *sticks his head back inside, smiling
me: asher, you need to come back in! you can't run around outside without your pants!! (this is usually the point in the post where i say something clever about how he's just like his daddy, but i'm gonna give daddy a break this time. kinda. heh.)
asher: whhaaaaat, mama? *he runs inside and runs back out again
me: ashhhheeerrrrr!!!

you may be wondering, "why didn't she just go get him and shut the door herself? sheesh, lady, get control of your stinker!" BUT i had just started nursing a screaming, hungry baby and the door was now wide open. i didn't feel like exposing myself to all the 8,946 kids outside. i was hoping my sweet son would be obedient and follow my instructions. instead, he did an "i'm outside and i'm not supposed to be" dance.

he's back inside now. i put my junk away and went and got him. i found him sitting in his wagon playing with a truck conveniently ignoring his mother's pleas.



  1. Just think, if we still lived down there... there would be 8, 949 kids:)

  2. hey, i'm not complaining. 2 of those kids are mine. it's just kinda crazy sometimes to see all those kids outside!