Tuesday, February 1, 2011

in the beginning...

i'm not very good at this blog thing.
i've tried it before and failed.
i'm pretty lazy at keeping up.

just in case history repeats itself, i wanted to begin with that disclaimer. HOWEVER, i'm really going to try this time. no, really. i am. don't roll your eyes...

why?? partially because friends and family have asked me to start this blogging thing back up again, but mostly because i love my little family and i think you should too. 3 words to describe us: hilarious, adorable, and awkward. and i love us that way. and i'm sure you'll learn to agree with that accurate description as you read. i hope you do.

anyways, because i am so terribly awful at being a diligent blogger, i've come up with a realistic, achievable plan this time. i noticed the other day that a lot of my facebook statuses are conversations that take place in my home. and i'm not gonna lie, they're usually entertaining and most definitely little glimpses of our daily life. SO i plan to post those memorable convos here, instead of facebook. i will probably just leave it at that. all short and sweet and so totally doable for a slacker like me. i may add explanations if necessary. i may add pictures (if i ever get a camera). but for the most part i'll leave them just the way they took place.

so this is the longest, wordiest, long windiest post you'll get from me. starting tomorrow, it'll just be conversations. you can thank me later. :)


  1. I hope you do keep up with blogging because your writing is great! Your blog looks very cool, too. Have fun!

    Amy @ Gospel Homemaking

  2. thanks, ladies! so far, i'm really enjoying it!