Thursday, February 10, 2011

my little hero

living in a house with a little boy means that i am forever finding trucks and cars and trains and balls stashed all over the place. i imagine with little girls you find things like pink bows and lip gloss and tutus and sugar and spice and everything nice? i wouldn't know...anyways, as we were walking into the kitchen, this happened...

me: what??
asher: i get it, mama. gotta get car. there, mama. i got it!
me: oh goodness! thank you, baby!!

i think he thinks he just saved my life. he's right. i would've probably been the first ever to die from matchbox car wound to the foot. thank goodness for my little hero. he's still a stinker, mind you, just a sweet-little-looking-out-for-his-mama stinker. shewf. i gotta go kiss those adorable, chubby cheeks now...


  1. SO I just love your posts!! They make me smile! And fyi with little girls its tea pots, cups, and books that you find everywhere. At least with Elizabeth anyway :)

    Love you guys!

  2. I think I just died a little inside out of love for that guy.