Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a mother's work...

as i'm cooking dinner, bry has nate who is crying...

bry: are you ready to feed this guy?
me: ummm, no.
bry: oh, c'mon. can't you just feed him anytime in the middle of whatever you're doing?
me: oh yeah, sure. hand me that baby carrier thing and i'll just strap him on while i cook.
bry: maybe i could just get some rope and tether him to you...
me: yeah. it'll be kind of like a horse with his feed bag...
bry: that sounds like a pretty good deal, baby nate!

i assure you that my husband was just kidding. despite his silly jokes, he really is an awesome, supportive, and helpful husband and daddy. i love him. and i think he's funny. :) even though we were joking, this conversation reminded me how a mother's work is never done. for realz ("z" on the end makes it more legit, right?) i'm not complaining, i love being a mama, but i wasn't one of those little girls who dreamed of motherhood. i was going to be a professional basketball player or a zookeeper...anyways, now that i am a stay at home mama, i think it's actually harder than having a "professional" career. as a mom, if you don't make yourself sit down and rest, you never will. something always needs to be cleaned or cooked or picked up. someone always needs to be fed or changed or bathed or played with. the hours are 24/7. that being said, it's still the greatest job ever. we get paid with looooove and affection and appreciation. corny? yes,but so true.


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