Wednesday, February 23, 2011

somebody let GG read this please!

*asher is looking at a book with pictures of dogs in it. one of them looks just like my grandma's dog. 
asher: ready to go see peanut?
me: oh, we can't right now, baby. we'll go see peanut in a few weeks!
asher: ok...let's go get shoes on.
me: we can't go right now. peanut lives with gg and they live too far away to go today.
asher: umm,wanna go see peanut and gg...and peanut.
me: i know you do. we'll see them soon.
asher: c'mon, mama. let's go.

the boys and i are heading for greer, sc in about a week and a half. i'm looking forward to seeing my family...and eating at Bucky's BBQ...but mostly my family. hehe. apparently, asher has missed our furry family members too.

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  1. Are you calling your G-ma furry? :) I love reading these posts! They're great!