Monday, February 7, 2011

dreams of dentures

me: did you ever have braces?
bry: nope. can't you tell by my awesome teeth?
me: they really aren't bad. other than the fact that you haven't been to the dentist in about 12 years. we both need to have our teeth cleaned. you're supposed to go once a year.
bry: no. the dentist is stupid. all they do is put stupid holes in your mouth. besides, i think it's once every 15 years.
me: bryan! they're trying to prevent you from having dentures at age 30. if i go, you're going.
bry: nope. maybe i want dentures by age 30. that seems a lot easier. you just pop them out and clean them before bed. then put them back in when you need them.
me: ugh...

asher is 2 and hasn't been to the dentist yet. i'm calling to make his appointment today. i hope it's easier to convince him of the importance of good dental hygiene.


  1. Bryan never did want to go to the dentist it was always a fight. Maybe because he always had cavities and Sharon never had any. I swear she would go in smile and leave while Bryan and I were getting drilled! Hope Asher is good like Sharon was.

  2. Sounds just like me. I deplore the dentist. Seriously they are paid to torture people. As if the sounds of all the equipment isn't enough...the poking and stabbing doesn't help. I always had cavities. I went for the first time in 12 years a couple years ago and ended up with a root canal and 3 cavities...