Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the husb

husb: i think you're sexy, wifey.
me: um, thanks.
husb: no, seriously. if you ever look at yourself in the mirror or in the shower and think 'ugh, i don't like this or that' then you need to remember that it doesn't matter because your husb thinks you're beautiful and sexy just the way you are.
me: thank you, husb.

i find myself teasing the husb a lot in these posts, so i thought i would just let you all know how sincerely wonderful he is. i love that man. here's another gem:

me: are you gonna eat something before you lay down? (after he got home from working 3rd)
husb: no, i think i'm just gonna go to sleep.
me: ok
husb: you know why? because i'm gonna feast on looooove. because i loooove you!

hehehehe. he's pretty rico suave, that wonderful husb of mine. 

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