Saturday, February 12, 2011

sitting at the drive-thru

we ate fast food last night because it was friday and because i forgot to lay meat out to defrost and because it's just so dang easy. we hardly ever eat out though because it's also just so dang expensive compared to buying groceries and cooking at home. and less healthy, but eh, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. anyways, asher and i were sitting at the drive-thru and i already had my window down because we were next in line. asher could hear the lady in front of us ordering and started talking to himself...

asher: ummm... prench pries... um,, tea...pwease. kank kou.
me: are you ordering for us, bud?
asher: gotta get food, mama.
me: oh, ok.

as we pull up and i start to order asher repeats his order loudly from the backseat. poor lady at the drive-thru. i'm sure she was confused. i was trying not to laugh so she could understand me.

we really haven't been through drive-thrus with asher that much. it just doesn't take much for him to pick up on things now. shewf. my 1st born baby is growing up. already ordering his own food. maybe next time i'll just roll down his window and let him put in our order. we'd never eat anything except prench pries and ketchup. that would be just fine with asher, kank kou very much!

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