Friday, October 14, 2011

dearest you,

you're my fuzzy socks when my toes are freezing.

you're my cinnabon creamer when my coffee is black & bitter.

you're my harry potter, my mr. darcy, my edward cullen, my aragorn.

you're my sunday afternoon nap.

you're my heartiest, tear-inducing laugh when i need it the most.

you're my toad. (i'm your frog.)

you're my sturdy umbrella when the rain & wet try to get the best of me.

you're my perfectly designed, decorated, and organized house.

you're my panera bread when i'm pregnant.

you're my sticky note when i can't remember anything.

you're my bubble bath at the end of the longest day.

you're my sneaky spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough.

you're my good night & my good morning.

you're my forever & always.

you're my favorite.

you're my best.

i'm so glad you're mine.

and i'm so thankful you were born.

happy birthday to the most wonderfulest husb.

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