Wednesday, October 5, 2011


asher: mom, mater trwuck is under da bed.
me: ok, can you reach him?
asher: nope. i jus can't weach him.
me: alright, i'll get him for you in just a minute.
asher: ok...
*he tries to reach the truck again then yells
asher: mater trwuck! you come here to me! vroom out from under dat bed!
*after waiting for mater to respond, he says
asher: uhh, mom? he did not vroom out. he not wistening and not obeying to me.
me: ohhh, is he being disobedient?
asher: yes!
*he yells back under the bed
asher: materrrrrrr! mate! mate! do you hear me? you get out from under dat bed!

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