Saturday, October 1, 2011

sneak attack

last night, i walked into the bedroom a few minutes after bry, but didn't see him anywhere. although i didn't see him, i could, however, hear him breathing. very, i froze into the crouching-wifey-hidden-husb position: feet apart, knees bent, arms tucked in, hands on either side of my face. clearly, this is the perfect defense against sneaky husb tickle attacks and/or scare tactics. then i let him know that i'm on to him,
me: bry! i can hear you breathing!
*silence. my heart starts beating a little faster. where is he?! suddenly, he responds,
bry: um, ok. so what?
*hmmm, now i'm confused. is he just trying to throw me off?! as i'm trying to decipher his game, i hear an unexpected noise,
me: hey! are you peeing?!
bry: uh, yes. why? 
*i fall on the bed laughing
me: you're in the bathroom?! i thought...hahahaha!
bry: you thought what? 
me: i walked in here and didn't see you and the bathroom light wasn't on. i could here you breathing so i thought that you were hiding and about to get me!
bry: so you said, "i can hear you breathing?" what was that gonna do? haha! 
me: husb, i was just letting you know that i was aware of the situation. if you thought that was funny, you should've seen my stance. i was ready for you, dude. 
bry: something is wrong with you.
me: hahaha!

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