Saturday, October 22, 2011

life's a musical

seriously, around here it is. bry and i enjoy spontaneously narrating the events of our daily life with original songs. today we decided to take a family trip to a FREE natural sciences museum. i deemed it a song-worthy plan. let me just say that i was at the kitchen sink when the song came upon me and bry was sitting on the couch in the living room. he could see me from about the shoulders up through the cut-out we have in the wall above our sink.

me: so excited to be going to the life museum toooodaaayy! gonna see some neat dinosaauuuurs!
bryan: *looks at me out of the corner of his eye.
me: the mcclelland family going to see some awesome dinosaurs! at the freeeee muuseeeuummm! 
*i stretch my hands over my head and bring them back down in a to-the-beat-circular motion
bryan: are you doing your heel tapping back there too? i can't see it, but i'm pretty sure that would complete this.
me: hahaha! why, yes, i am tippy tapping back here. i'm a little embarrassed that you know my signature moves so well!
* i run into the living room where bry is
me: now, let me give you the full experience. mcclelland family going to see some awesome dinosaurs!
*i explode into my very advanced arm and heel tapping dance extravaganza.
bryan: ahhh, that's better. i like how you're doing the whole show right in front of the open window so all the neighbors can enjoy too.

i apologize that i am not able to translate the beautiful rhythms and cadences of my original song. you really are missing out on a musical masterpiece. i also apologize that you can't see my signature interpretive dance moves. they're pretty impressive as well.

just so you know, asher has started to pick up on our musical tendencies. sometimes we'll tell him to do something in song format and he will reply with a song. it's fun. except for the fact that i feel like if i let him get into the habit of singing his life aloud then i have no choice but to homeschool him.

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