Friday, October 21, 2011


we went to our friend shaana's house today to decorate halloween cupcakes with her kids. she put a pan of delicious, freshly baked cupcakes in the middle of her dining room table and then let the kids ice and decorate them as they pleased. she's thoughtful and creative like that. not to mention, she loved my family so well today simply by providing us a fun opportunity to get out of the house after our week-long bout with croup.

asher was really excited when i told him we were going to their house,
me: asher, do you want to go see ms. shaana and natalie and noah and evan?
asher: yessss! pweeeeese!
me: ok, well, let's get dressed and get our shoes on.
asher: we get to see chawna and natawee and noah and evan and kevin!
me: kevin? who's kevin?
asher: i don't know, mom. who's kevin?

asher kept referring to shaana's son, evan, as kevin when we got there. i kept correcting him, but evan said that he was ok with it because, in his words: "kevin is a pretty beast name."
this convo took place as i was helping asher decorate his cupcake,
asher: mom, can i have some more porcupines?
me: porcupines?
asher: yeah, dos right der.
*he points
me: asher, those are candy corns.
asher: yeah, candy corhns.

shaana sent us home with a bag of candy corn. asher insists, no matter how many times i tell him otherwise, that they are rightfully called porcupines.
and this one i had with shaana's daughter natalie as i was heading to shaana's bedroom to nurse nate.
me: ok, asher, i'm gonna go feed brother. if you need anything, you can ask ms. shaana.
natalie: ok, but don't get food on the bed!
me: haha! i'll be really careful.
natalie: don't you need to get his food out of his bag?
me: nope, i've got what i need. i'm going to nurse him.
natalie: but is it in his bag?
me: no, i've got it here.
*i pat my chest
natalie: (looks confused and then her eyes get really big) oh!
me: haha! yeah, i'll be back in a minute.

thanks to you, shaana, for letting us spend hours at your house today decorating treats, running all of our energy out, and eating yummy lunch! we always enjoy getting the pleasure of spending time with your sweet, silly family.

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