Monday, October 31, 2011

potty chronicles

me: ok, let's go potty real quick.
asher: noooooooooo!
me: yes, let's just try. you haven't been in a while.
*we go to the potty.
me: ok! let some peepee out!
asher: nope. no way. i never have to peepee.
me: well, i think you should try.
asher: no peepee, mom.
me: ok, but we're not going anywhere until you try. you haven't even tried yet. focus and let some peepee out.
asher: mooooooooom. i don't hafta peepee! i never pee-
*he starts to pee.
asher: see? i jus tell you i have some peepee.
me: yep. you told me alright.

we have this conversation or one similar to it at least once a day.

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