Thursday, October 20, 2011

tales from the croup

both boys have had croup this week. nate was diagnosed at the ER sunday afternoon after he woke up running a fever and wheezing that morning. we deduced from his diagnosis that asher's nasty cough was the very same virus.

amongst the cool mist humidifiers & vicks baby vapor rub, the brassy barks & the gurgily hacks, the not-feeling-so-good whines & the tired tears we've still managed to have some memorable convos.

asher: mom! wook what i've got!
me: what, bud?
*he holds out his finger and says excitedly,
asher: a big ol' boogie!! wook at dat!!
me: ewww! ok, let's get a kleenex.
asher: nope. i still got some boogies to get!
me: ok, well, let's get them out real quick. brother wants to play with you!
asher: sorry, brudder. i can't pway rwight now. i got wots of big ol' boogies to get out!

croupy congestion results in lots of big ol' boogies ripe for the toddler pickin'.
bry: wifey?
me: yes?
*he walks into the kitchen scanning the thermometer across his forehead
bry: i think i'm running a fever.
me: oh, geez.
bry: look! i'm a sizzling 98.8 degrees!
me: you're crazy. get outta my kitchen!
bry: wifey! can't a husb get some sympathy? i'm normally a cool 97.6!
me: i've already got two sick babies...i don't need another.

the husb does have a pretty bad cold. probably from the same virus that the boys have. i think he will survive it though. i'm 98.8% sure of it.
bry: *coughs
nate: *looks at bry and then fake coughs
bry: wifey, did you see that?
me: what?
bry: he did a little fake cough after he heard me cough. *coughs again
nate: *fake coughs
me: haha! *i cough
nate: *looks at me and fake coughs

this is a fun game. if nate hears someone cough then he needs to cough too. even if you can't see him, you'll hear his little fake coughs coming from across the room or behind the couch. it's pretty adorable.

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