Thursday, May 9, 2013


bryan: so, when i'm problem solving, i'm on a computer all day and i can get e-mails. so hit me up, boo.
me: OMMMMGGG! WE CAN TOTALLY E-MAIL FLIRT NOW!!! i love you, hot stuff.
bryan: shoot, i know. you gonna e-mail me a hot picture that i can make my desktop background? of the whole family, of course.
me: sure. nuuuudey styyyle coming up!
bryan: i hope they aren't looking at these e-mails...i love you.
me: hahahahaha! i hope they are!

of course, i did no such thing as send such a picture, nor would i ever, but it is funny to think about some amazon executive taking the time to read our ridiculous e-mails.

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