Friday, May 17, 2013


asher: naaaaaate! stop it!
nate: i wanna see, ashewr!!!
asher: naaaaate! don't hit me!
nate: uh! stop it, ashewr!
asher: mooooooooom! nate is hitting me!
me: bud, i'm about to dry my hair. work it out amongst yourselves. hit him back if he won't stop.
asher: ok! nate i'm gonna hit you back if you don't stop hitting me!
*i hear a slap and anticipate a crying nater tot, but instead i hear...
nate: awwww, ashewr. i wove you.
asher: nate, why are you hugging me? i hit you back.
nate: but i wove you, brover.
asher: ok, ok i love you too.

bry and i joke that nate's love language is wrestling. he is so physical and always hitting or jumping or somersaulting or pushing. apparently, asher was speaking his love language when he hit nate back because instead of crying, the tot just needed to pause and express his admiration for his brother.

also, i realize that you guys are in awe of my wonderful parental guidance. i'm sure the phrases "work it out amongst yourselves" and "hit him back if he won't stop" are in the awesome parenting handbook. sometimes a momma just gotta do what a momma gotta do to get things done. don't hate.

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