Friday, May 17, 2013


me: asher, this is just a story. the bad guys in this book say some really ugly things to other people. the ugly people say ugly things. we want to be careful not to treat others the way these guys do so we don't want to repeat the ugly things they say.
asher: yeah, they say ugly things like robbers say ugly things.
me: ok. yeah.
asher: yeah, cause robbers say things like, "i'm gonna take all of your stuff and even your whole house!" and that's ugly. we shouldn't say that.
me: no, we shouldn't.
asher: yeah. and the robbers live in their little robber houses so they think they need to steal other people's big ol' houses, but they don't.
me: no, they don't.
asher: yeah, cause that's being greedy.
me: yes, it is.
asher: they should just go to the robber store and buy a bigger robber house with their robber money instead of stealing.

asher watched part of the movie matilda on tv the other night, but it was time for him to go to bed before it was over. i told him i would get the book for him at the library so he could see how the story ended. however, some of the villians in the book say some really ugly things to each other and i wanted to make sure he knew he shouldn't speak to people the way the bad guys did. i'm not sure why we started talking about robbers and their practices, but there you have it.

in summation, if you're considering a life of robbery in which you wish to steal another person's entire house, please choose to not be so ugly and greedy and instead take yourself down to your local robber store where you can purchase your own robber house with your robber money. thank you for your consideration.

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