Saturday, May 18, 2013

facebook status

bryan: you thought my comment about formaldehyde in johnson & johnson soap was funny enough to post on facebook?
me: funny enough for Facebook, but not funny enough to make the blog cut...
bryan: oh, wow. i'll try harder next time.
me: speaking of the blog, you didn't think my new posts today were funny enough to even like on facebook?!
bryan: wifey, i don't like anything on facebook.
me: you are so bad at interacting with your wifey via facebook. sheesh. i need you to like everything i ever post ever.
bryan: you crazy, boo.

*later this conversation happened on my facebook wall-
Wow, it's so amazing how much I like all of your facebook postings...(Does this cover all future postings that I probably will forget to like?)
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he DOES love me, y'all. sometimes he just forgets how important marital communication via facebook is...

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