Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 months

it's true. my baby turned 6 months on June 14th.

it's okay. you can gasp if you need to. i can't believe it either.

since the little buddy a.k.a nater tot a.k.a. nator a.k.a. baby nate a.k.a. the babes that has so many nicknames that i could go on and write a whole post just about those, but i'll stop so as to get on with this post...where was i?

oh, yes. since our natey baby (told you there were more) doesn't get much blog time around these parts, i thought i would post some things about our sweet second son.

1.) he's got a charming, natural mohawk since the hair right down the middle of his head grows in thicker and longer than the rest of his hair. and you thought mohawks couldn't be charming. speaking of hair, he thinks his dad's beard is the coolest. thing. ever.

2.) he's starting to find his voice by giggling, babbling, and rooster calling. his high-pitched rooster noises are my favorite. it's adorable. obviously, he's trying to win as many blogposts as his brother by contributing to our daily conversations, but i'm just not sure y'all would enjoy reading a post that looked like this:

nate: uuuuuurrrrruuuuuuooooooooo
me: uroooouuuuhhhhuuuuaa?
nate: uraaaaaooooohhhh

yes, yes i do frequently try to respond to him in his own baby language. as you can see from the above sample convo, we generally discuss very deep things. don't judge me.

3.) he'll be crawling soon. he gets that sweet booty up in the air and tries so hard to get scooting. i love watching him try. sometimes when he gets tired he'll lay his head down, look at me, and start roostering. i appropriately and roosteringly respond with some encouragement. i said don't judge me.

4.) he's 75% for height and 70% for weight. although, these percentages are still above average, i feel like he's tiny compared to our gigantor stinker who was always 90% and above.

5.) the pediatrician was really impressed with him because when she held his hand to see if he would pull himself up from a lying position to a sitting one, that strong little buddy skipped sitting altogether and stood straight up. i believe her response went something like, "wow! you just stood up! you'll be pulling up on stuff soon! so strong!" for something that's pretty arbitrary and normal, i was a proud mama. i couldn't help it. do i need to remind you not to judge me? dang, don't judge me.

6.) he's loving him some veggies right now. bryan and i are not loving his enormous diaper-filling veggie poops. i'll spare you the gruesome details. let's just say whatever the color and amount of veggie that goes in his mouth comes out double in his diaper. ok, so i didn't spare you anything. i apologize. you can judge me now if you must.

7.) he's my favorite second born child ever in the history of second born children and i can't believe he's 6 months old for 2 reasons. first, because he's my baby and 6 months is 1/2 way to a year already and that should be impossible because he's my baby but it's not. secondly, because even though he's my baby he's such a part of our sweet family that it feels like he's always been with us. he's just lovely. you may also judge my run-on sentences.

#7 is a weird number to eND ON, BUT i like that NUMBER and this post is already 32490834 pages long. i'm impressed if you made it all the way until the end.

if you're wondering why some of those letters are capitalized it's because the big brother stinker came in and thought watching the green light on the caps lock button was too cool. i thought it was funny, so i left it. i'm sorry, nate, that your brother managed to weasel his way into your post. we don't call him the stinker for nothing.

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