Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bedtime Bible stories

every night, before bed, bryan or i read Bible stories with asher from this children's Bible. it's wonderful and lovely and if you haven't heard of it then you should get it for your kids...or grandkids...or nieces and nephews...or random kid you meet in wal-mart. seriously, it's that good.
tonight, after we read our Bible story, asher wanted to read the Bible to me. here are some of his Biblical interpretations based on the pictures:

Parting the Red Sea:
asher: der playing in da waters. and who's dat?
me: those are soldiers trying to come after them.
asher: yeah, cause der not suposa be in da waters. dos shoulders are gonna come and get dem out. der not suposa be playing in da waters.

Moses on top of Mount Sinai:
asher: he's on top ofa mountain.
me: yep. that's moses.
asher: yeah. he gotta be careful and get down or he might fall.
me: well, yeah. he might.
asher: yeah. dos boys down der are gonna get him down cause he might fall.

David and Goliath:
asher: who's dat?
me: that's goliath. he's a mean giant.
asher: he's got a hat on.
me: yep. that's his helmet.
asher: yeah. cause he's a shoulder.
me: yeah, he is a soldier.
asher: look at his toesies.
me: yeah, he's wearing sandals.
asher: look at my toesies! i got toesies too, but der in my socks right now.

after asher read to me we said prayers. when we were done he said,

asher: let's say pwayers again.
me: how about you say some prayers this time?
asher: ok.
*he squeezes his eyes closed.
me: can you say some?
asher: Jesus love me.
me: yes! He does love you!

it's so sweet to hear that wonderful truth coming from my son's sweet mouth.


  1. O my goodness that is so precious!!! I can't wait to see them! Maybe he'll read me a story!!