Friday, June 17, 2011


as i was tidying up our constant-state-of-toddler-terrorized-disaster-of-a living room, i hear asher yell from the kitchen where he's eating lunch,

asher: awww, my mom! 
me: yes, bud?
asher: it's a snake!
me: a what?!
asher: der's a snake in here! 
*i run to the kitchen trying to think through all the possible snake-like creatures i may find: a worm? a centipede? or, could it possibly be, a real snake?
me: where do you see a snake?
asher: it jus a snake, my mom.
me: ok, but where? i don't see any snakes. 
asher: on my plate!
me: what?
*i check his plate for any slithery critters, but don't see anything. 
asher: right here!
*he holds up a crust of bread
me: that's your snake?
asher: yep. it's a snake, mom.

my, what a vivid imagination you have, sir. 

just so you know, snake is our favorite word that asher says right now. he actually pronounces it, "thwake" with a sweet little lispy s followed by a w sound. 

it's the most adorable thing ever. 

he also says "thwack" instead of snack. 

sometimes we try to get him to say words that begin with sn just because his pronunciation is so heart warming. maybe i'll make a video if i can get him to sit still long enough.

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  1. too funny!! Can't wait to see you guys again