Thursday, June 2, 2011

little hands

asher really loves to help. i'm sure part of that is him trying to assert his toddler independence by doing big boy things with mom and dad, but no matter the cause, it's still a quality we appreciate about our stinker. bry and i have talked a lot about trying to encourage his helpful behavior by letting him help us do things. today, he really wanted to help with the laundry.

asher: i can just help you with dis?
*he throws some dirty laundry from the hamper in the dryer where i've been throwing clean clothes.
me: oops! those don't go in there!
asher: myyy moooom, i can just help you!
me: ok, bud. here ya go. put this is there for me.
*i proceed to hand him one piece of wet clothing at a time for him to put in the dryer. 
asher: ok! here we go!
*he enjoys throwing each piece into the dryer as hard as he can.
me: great job, asher john.
*i repeat the process by letting him individually throw each article of clothing from the hamper into the washer. after we're done he says,
asher: i just help you, my mom! good job! 

i'm ashamed to say that too often i think of his sweet, helpful hands as getting in the way of my efficiency. throwing a single piece of clothing at a time into the washer and dryer is completely and totally INefficient. i would rather just get things done and checked off of my list than take the time to teach his fumbling toddler hands to help. 

shame. on. me.

may we never take for granted a single second spent with our children, no matter how inefficient it may seem.

may we all enjoy the precious, simple moments teaching them the things of life. 

may we love them with our time, in action and in truth (1 John 3:18).

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