Saturday, June 18, 2011

once upon a saturday morning

bryan: what do you want to do today?
me: hang out with you and the boys. what do you want to do today, asher?
asher: pway with my fwiends! and my toys!
me: which friends?
asher: my twucks, my cars, my bwocks...
me: i didn't ask which toys. i asked which friends.
asher: yeah, ok! chure!!
me: i feel like we're not getting anywhere with this, dude...
bryan: i like how you just call him "tot" sometimes.
me: yeah, i'm gonna start drawing a cartoon and call it "stinker & tot."
bryan: yeah?
me: yeah. i'll add a new tab to my blog just for the comic strip.
bryan: ok.
me: nater totty too hot to trotty!
bryan: *just stares at me
asher: what dad doing?
me: i don't know. he's under brother's crib.
asher: yeah, i not know.
bryan: oh, cool! a transformer is under here!
me: he's playing with a transformer, apparently.
*bry sticks his head out
bryan: bew! bew! bew! he just blew up your knee!
bryan: you ain't never seen a tunnel as good as this one, baby!
me: your tunnel has a weak spot.
bryan: where?!
me: right here. you have to put another block underneath to hold it together well.
bryan: no, wifey. your solution is just a band-aid. here's what you've really got to do to make it sturdy.
me: i'm just saying, you've got some faulty construction.
bryan: and you could build a better one?
me: oh, yeah. i build better ones all the time. you need to add some height so that all of his cars and trucks can fit through.
bryan: i'm not gonna forsake quality craftsmanship just to gain some height. if you want to have the mcdonald's of block tunnels, then that's fine. mine is like the olive garden.
me: let me show you.
*i build my awesome tunnel
bryan: oh, that's your better tunnel?
me: yeah, see? it's got height and stability.
bryan: yeah, it's taller, but can it withstand kidzilla?!
me: asher, don't put that block there! mommy's working.
asher: awww...
*guilty pause
me: oh, i'm sorry, bud. they're your blocks. you can play with them and put them where you want.
saturday morning 'round these parts are always a special, family-time treat. i just love 'em.

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