Thursday, June 16, 2011

dear taylors,

i meant to write something like this on pretty paper and give it to our friends, The Taylors, before they moved home to mississippi, but we were traveling that same week and it slipped my mind. 

dear taylors,

thank you for making us feel welcome the very first week we moved to wake forest by bringing us homemade blueberry muffins. it was a stressful week for me and that sweet, simple gesture made me cry.

thank you for inviting us to your small group the first time we visited north wake. we are so thankful to be a part of that church and small group is what made us decide to stay.

thank you for giving our son his very first best friend in your little noah. i miss seeing them play and learn together.

thank you for letting us use your wireless internet when we couldn't afford to buy it for ourselves. it meant that bryan could be home more often since he didn't have to go to the school to use the internet and get work done.

thank you for watching asher for us so that we could go to the hospital and deliver nate. it was a blessing knowing that our asher was being well taken care of while we were away.

thank you, lindsay, for being an encouragement to me as a mama, friend, and sister in Christ.

thank you for a bazillion other things that i've forgotten to write, great and small, that you did or said or prayed for.

we so appreciate you.

and we so miss you.


the mcclellands

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