Thursday, June 2, 2011


sometimes i have to show bry who's boss by taking him downtown to the ground in a wrestling match.

bry: what kind of move was that?!
me: husb, that was my new specialty sneak attack move that i use to take you down!
bry: ohhh, because it seemed like you had no idea what you were doing. i wasn't sure what you were trying to accomplish there with that one.
me: well, i'm still working out the kinks...
bry: hahaha!
me: husb, mark driscoll explained that i'm the weaker sex so i'm pretty sure that means i get to use sneak attack moves!
bry: yeah, i'm sure that's what he meant by that.
me: yeah. i just have to sneak attack and slap and karate chop and use all my bony parts to inflict pain.

when i said "taking him downtown to the ground" what i meant by that was becoming a flailing fury of slaps and chops and sneaky elbow drops until bry restrains me in a full nelson, i whine, he gives in and releases me and then gets attacked again when he's not paying attention.

those are pretty much the same tactics i used against my dad in the 2nd grade.

watch out UFC. you don't want none of this.

p.s.-i'm so thankful for a wonderful husb that i just love spending time with...even if my only defense against his full nelsons is high pitched whiner babying.

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