Sunday, June 5, 2011

name change

asher: my mom! you wanna build a tunnel?
me: sure! i can help you build a tunnel. can you get your blocks?
asher: ok, mom.
me: let's build a big one so all your cars can fit through. 
asher: yeah!
me: oops! too tall! it fell over. 
asher: don't worry, my mom. i fix it. 

can you guess what the point of this post is? did you notice a slightly disturbing pattern of words being uttered from my 2 year old's mouth?


i have officially become mom. i don't even get to be mommy when he's whiny or gets hurt. nope, i'm a full-time mom these days. 

12 year olds have a mom. 2 year olds are supposed to have a mommy.

i am thankful that he throws the occasional possessive pronoun, my, in front of the word. that makes me feel like he still needs me a little bit. 

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