Monday, June 27, 2011


me: asher, come sit with me.
asher: no, my mom. i needa get a carrot.
me: a carrot?
asher: yeah, chure. a carrot.
me: are you sure that's what you want?
asher: yes! i chure!
me: ok, i'll get you one.
*i hand him a baby carrot
asher: mmmm, carrot.
*he licks it
asher: yuck! i no want dis carrot!
me: you have to bite it, not just lick.
asher: no! here! you bite it!

you know that carrot that my dear stinker was so sure he wanted? the yuck one?

yeah, i ate it for him.

even after he licked it.

i hear his daddy was prone to having-to-eat-his-veggies-induced fits of gagging and protest. so, it could be worse.

one day, my boy will eat his delicious veggies.

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