Friday, June 10, 2011

boys will be monkeys...

bryan: he just ninja kicked you.
me: yep. straight to the shoulder.
bryan: that was like a mortal combat move. i'm pretty sure that one was A A FORWARD.
me: haha!
* asher jumps again
bryan: will you quit jumping on the couch?! you're like a little wildebeest! look at that grin. you look like a mischievous monkey.
me: asher, can you say mischievous monkey?
asher: 'cheevous monkeeeeeey?!

asher john is quite like a 'cheevous little monkey most days. we're always having to reign in his energy. i'm so thankful when the husb is home because he can give our crazy firstborn a fun energy outlet through pillow fights and big boy wrestling.

p.s. i did not know that wildebeest was spelled with two e's. i assumed it was "wildebeast." i had to google it just to make sure that my mac spellchecker wasn't lying to me. google confirmed that it is definitely "beest."

i'm a little weirded out by that.

i feel like i should pronounce that word with really exaggerated long e sounds now.


does anyone else feel the need to eeeeeee?

it's strange, i tell you.

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