Sunday, June 5, 2011

waking up daddy

me: asher, you wanna go wake daddy up?
asher: yeah! ok! chure!
me: let's go!
*we burst into the bedroom where bry is snoozing
bryan: mumble mumble grumpity humph (he's a little groggy when he first wakes up)
me: time to wake up, husb! asher can you make your car drive on daddy?
asher: buurrrmmmm car go down arm...uppa arm...on daddy's dipple...
bryan: hey! cut it out!
*bry rolls over on his belly
asher: awwww! i wanna make da car go burm on daddy's dipples!
me: yeah, dad! his car needs to go burm on your nipples!
bryan: mumble mumble grumpity humph

bry works 3rd shift. so that means he sleeps all day long then asher and i get to go wake him up around supper time. asher and i have very similar personalities in that we both are easily excitable.

waking-up-daddy-time makes us excitable.
we like to do things like jump on the bed whilst yelling "daddy!" and then try to tickle bryan into wakefulness.
we thoroughly enjoy it.

bryan, on the other hand, isn't always fond of our waking tactics.

we can't help it that we just get so excited to wake him up. it's because we love him so dang much.

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