Sunday, June 5, 2011

about a boy...the movie

me: bryan, it's time to wake up!
bryan: ugh!
me: husb, seriously, you gotta get up so we can spend some time with you.
bryan: grumpity grump hufflepuff...(did you catch that HP reference slipped in there?)
me: my husb is killing me softly with his sleep...stealing my day with his ZZZZZ's...killing me softly with his snores...killing me softly...with his sleeeeeeeeep
bryan: ok, wifey, dang. i'm getting up.
me: oooooooooooOOOOOoooOOOOOOOooooOOOOOaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahhhh
bryan: wifey...
me: lalalalalaaaalaaaOOOOOOOooooaaaaahhhhaaaaahhOOOOOooolalalalalaaa

all that to say that one of my favorite movies is about a boy. i generally love all things british. after torturing my husb with some roberta flack, i got a hankering to watch this movie. if you've seen it, then you know that this song plays a rather hilariously important role in the movie.

somehow my husb has gotten away with never watching it before. i guess he thought it was some kind of sappy romantic comedy since that's the kind of movie ol' hugh normally stars in. however, he watched it this time (my wonderful, operatic singing probably inspired him) AND he liked it! i even caught him smiling and laughing during some parts.

the moral of this story is three fold:
1.) go watch about a boy.
2.) sing some roberta flack with your eyes closed.
3.) find bryan and me a way to move to the UK so that we can be as witty and cool as british people.

on a sidenote, i read an article that said the adorably geeky little boy in the movie has grown up to be a UK teenage heart throb. you go, adorable geeky kid!

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