Thursday, June 9, 2011

the difference between boys and girls

today, i'm babysitting a sweet girl who is about asher's age named sydney. her parents are some friends of ours that live in our neighborhood. it's fun to watch this dainty, delicate girl play with my rough and tumble stinker of a boy.

sydney: look! star stickers!
*she puts the stars on asher's arm
asher: awwww...
sydney: they're pretty! see? the stars are pretty.
asher: awww, mom. get dees stars offa here!! 
me: you don't like them? they're pretty.
asher: oh no! i not like em. you want em?

after asher stared at them disdainfully for a few minutes, the pretty star stickers were relocated to my pants leg. 

it's nice to have another girl around to help teach all these silly boys about the pretty things in life...


  1. thats why you need to have one more baby A GIRL!! love ya

  2. I can just hear him saying, "Get dees stars offa here!" Too cute!