Sunday, June 5, 2011

my babies

me: i just love those sweet little boys.
bryan: yeah, you know one day they're gonna grow up.
me: i'd rather not talk about it.
bryan: wifey, you need to start preparing yourself for that now so you can let them go when you need to without having an emotional break down.
me: i'm aware of that, but i've still got like 16 more years. i don't have to think about it now.
bryan: they're probably gonna get married one day, you know...
me: yes, i know.
bryan:...and then their wives are gonna de-flower them.
me: HUSB! really?! i really don't have to think through all of that right now.
bryan: hahaha!

i already don't like the idea of my baby boys growing up. let me just clarify that i do want them to grow up and have wonderful successful marriages. i pray that they find wifeys that can love them better and understand them better and support them better than even i can... i also just want them around as long as possible.

my husb thinks it's hilarious to tease me about it though.

he is kind of funny, but don't tell him i said that.

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