Tuesday, June 21, 2011


baby nate recently discovered that it's fun to lay on his back and play with and/or chew on his sweet baby toes. it's adorable and results in lots of happy nater totting squeals. 

asher recently discovered that his mom thinks it's gross for him to sniff and/or lick other people's toes. it is not so adorable and results in conversations like this,

me: ASHER! cut it out! do not lick my feet!
asher: *uncontrollable laughter
me: it's not funny, dude. it's gross and yucky!
asher: i jus smell them! *sniffs really hard
me: no, asher. that's yucky too!
asher: yeah, yuck! *giggle, giggle, gigglety, giggle

mother's disapproval makes yucky things hilariously more fun. 

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