Thursday, June 30, 2011

to the rescue

bryan is tickling me. asher runs in the room to see what's going on and takes immediate action.

asher: don't worry, mom! i save you!
me: oh, thank goodness! help me!
bryan: you can't have her! she's miiiine!
asher: don't worry, my mom! i get you!
*he pulls my hand as hard as he can and bry lets me go
me: yaaaaayyy!
asher: phew, i did it! i just save you from daddy!
me: good job, asher john!

that's usually about the time bryan grabs both of us and tickles us mercilessly.

thankfully, the nater tot will be crawling soon. then it will be his turn to come rescue us from our tickling torture...or get caught in the trap with us.

surely 2 little heroes and 1 damsel in distress mommy can take on the big daddy tickle monster though. i can't wait to find out!

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